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At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists, you have options if you’re dealing with significant gum recession. We offer minimally invasive gum grafting procedures tailored to your needs. As a trusted periodontal health provider in the Winchester, VA community, we’re committed to giving you a second chance at a healthy smile.

What Is Gum Grafting Used For?

Gum recession is a medical condition resulting in gradual exposure of the teeth until the roots themselves are ultimately exposed. When left unaddressed, gum recession not only compromises the esthetics of your smile, but also places you at a much higher risk of tooth loss and other serious complications.

Gum grafting can reverse the effects of recession, regenerating gum tissue where you need it the most. The goals are to protect your teeth and help you preserve a naturally beautiful, confident smile.

What Are the Advantages of Gum Grafting?

There are many benefits to the gum grafting procedure, including:

  • Reinforcement. Gum grafting stabilizes the existing tissue around your teeth, strengthening and securing their position.
  • Prevention. A gum graft is an important preventative step, helping you avoid further recession and minimize your risk of long-term complications.
  • Esthetics. Gum grafting has significant cosmetic benefits, particularly if you have experienced considerable gum recession on your front teeth.
  • Resilience. Gum grafting can help cover exposed teeth roots, potentially decreasing your oral sensitivity.

What Can I Expect from Gum Grafting Treatment?

The first step in the treatment journey is always a consultation. You will have a chance to discuss your treatment options with one of our board-certified doctors and ask any questions you might have about the surgery, results, recovery, and anesthesia options. Additionally, your doctor will verify your eligibility for a safe, comfortable, and effective procedure.

We will provide anesthesia options for comfort and safety throughout your gum grafting procedure. Once you are comfortable, your doctor will use either tissue from your own body or from a donor to create a new gum line, protecting your teeth from further damage while enhancing the esthetics of your smile. After the procedure, you will be discharged to rest and recover at home for just a few days.

You’re in Good Hands with Advanced Implant & Periodontal Specialists

Gum grafting is an effective solution to oral tissue loss and can preserve both your dental health and your smile esthetics. To explore gum grafting options in Winchester, VA, contact Advanced Implant & Periodontal Specialists for a consultation at (540) 535-0401.