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One of the prerequisites for dental implant placement is having an adequate jaw bone. Healthy bone is required to anchor the implants in place. However, if you do not have enough jaw bone, that does not mean implants are off the table. Through a procedure known as bone grafting, our doctors can regenerate bone where you need it the most, qualifying you for safe and successful dental implant placement. At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists in Winchester, VA, we provide bone grafting for effective dental restoration.

What to Expect During a Bone Graft

Bone grafting varies considerably from case to case, depending on a patient’s needs. Sometimes, bone grafting may be performed at the same time as a tooth extraction or implant placement, and in some cases, it is performed as its own standalone procedure. Regardless, your comfort and safety are paramount, which means anesthesia options are always provided for your bone graft.

In some cases, you may need ridge preservation. This is usually done at the same time as a tooth extraction and helps preserve a healthy space for a dental implant to be added at a later date. We also perform guided bone regeneration, which is done if more bone is needed to place a dental implant after the extraction has healed. Guided tissue regeneration is another technique that allows us to offer more stability around an existing tooth.

Comfort and Recovery After Your Treatment

Following your bone graft, you will be discharged to head home for rest and recovery. Most patients who undergo a bone graft need somewhere between two and five days before they feel like resuming their normal activities, including school and work.

Some tenderness can be expected following a bone graft, but this can be mediated with over-the-counter or prescription medications. You will also need to temporarily limit your diet to soft foods and liquids, gradually transitioning back to your normal diet over a few days.

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At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists, we take pride in making dental restoration available to anyone from Winchester, VA and Martinsburg, WV who needs it. Bone grafting is one way we can enhance your eligibility for safe, effective treatment. Find out more by scheduling a consultation at (540) 535-0401 today.