Welcome To Our Practice

At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists, we believe everyone deserves a chance for outstanding oral healthcare. We are proud to provide the Winchester, VA community with comprehensive periodontal and implant services delivered in a state-of-the-art facility. Our family-focused, veteran-owned practice is committed to the highest safety, comfort, and care standards.

Leadership and Credentials

Our periodontists have received the highest training and served as practitioners and educators within the United States Army. They have the skill and experience to provide prompt diagnosis and compassionate care, identifying the safest and most effective treatments for every patient.

Additionally, our doctors are fully board-certified, signifying advanced credentialing to promote patient comfort and well-being through every procedure. This training includes robust experience administering anesthesia, always emphasizing safety and minimizing risk.

World-Class Periodontists

Our practice encompasses two periodontists with elite accomplishments from the US Army specializing in dental implant placement. Our periodontists are uniquely qualified to walk patients through their treatment options, educating them about the best ways to promote oral health and hygiene.

We are known for our commitment to honest, conservative, and patient-centered treatments, never trying to sell patients on services they do not need. Our goal is always to restore form and function through the simplest means available, whether laser treatment, dental implant placement, or tooth extraction.

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Our practice is known for creating a warm and welcoming environment for patients of all ages, allowing for accessible family-based care throughout the Winchester, VA, community.

Our facilities include relaxed and confidential treatment areas, on-site sedation and anesthesia options, and an overall comfortable feel to set our patients at ease before their procedures.

Advanced Technology

At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists, we use state-of-the-art clinical technology to enhance each patient’s experience. 

Our technology portfolio includes advanced scanning and imaging equipment, allowing us to navigate each procedure with maximum accuracy and efficiency.  Advanced laser technology provides a range of options for periodontal disease treatment, while high-quality implants promote long-lasting and natural-looking tooth replacement.