During your consultation, your doctor will review some basic guidelines about preparing for surgery and IV sedation. Here is a summary of the general surgical guidelines:

  • Avoid having anything to eat or drink, including water, for eight (8) hours before your surgery. If you traditionally take medications in the morning, please ask your provider if you should continue to take these with small sips of water prior to your procedure.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 12 hours before surgery. Ideally, we recommend patients eliminate smoking altogether.
  • You will need a responsible adult to accompany you to the appointment, wait for you, listen to any essential post-surgical instructions, and drive you home. We cannot discharge patients who do not have a ride lined up.
  • Following the anesthesia experience, you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for at least 24 hours.
  • We advise patients to wear loose-fitting clothes with short sleeves and low-heeled shoes.
  • Before surgery, we will ask you to remove dentures, contact lenses, and jewelry.
  • On the day of your surgery, avoid wearing lipstick, nail polish, or excessive makeup.
  • Notify the office if you have any kind of illness leading up to the day of your surgery, including a sore throat, cough, upset stomach, etc.
  • Ensure that you discuss any medications you currently take with your doctor. Ideally, you should furnish a current list of medications at your initial consultation.

Always ask your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.