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For most of us, wisdom teeth emerge during adolescence or early adulthood. These are the final teeth to appear and are often too large for the jaw to accommodate. Consequently, wisdom teeth frequently become impacted, meaning they remain trapped under gum or bone tissue. They can also cause persistent discomfort, alignment issues, and other complications. The best way to avoid these complications is by proactively removing the wisdom teeth. At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists, we provide safe and expedient wisdom teeth removal in Winchester, VA.

Most Common Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

Even if your wisdom teeth are not currently causing symptoms, removing them as a preventative measure may be wise, allowing you to avoid oral health complications later in life.

Common reasons for wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Avoid Crowding
  • Discomfort And Sensitivity Around The Impacted Teeth
  • Infection In And Around The Gums
  • Damage To Adjacent Teeth
  • Cysts Around The Jawbone
  • Tooth Decay

Is There a Right Age to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

We recommend removing your wisdom teeth when symptoms start or when a dentist advises you it is time. For most people, the ideal window to remove wisdom teeth is during their teens or early twenties.

What to Expect

Taking the First Steps

Your wisdom teeth removal journey begins with a consultation. This allows you to get to know your doctor, ask questions, and learn about anesthesia options. Additionally, your doctor will verify that you are a good candidate for a safe, successful surgery.

Preparing for the Procedure

Before your wisdom teeth removal, your doctor will advise you on any steps you need to take to prepare. This might involve pausing certain medications or supplements that impede your body’s healing ability.

During the Procedure

On the day of your wisdom teeth removal, you will be warmly welcomed by our patient care team, and then escorted back to a private treatment area. Your doctor will answer any last-minute questions and administer anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, your doctor will carefully remove the wisdom teeth, then apply sutures or gauze bandages to the incision sites.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

While the timeline for wisdom teeth removal can vary by patient, the procedure is usually very quick, taking approximately an hour to complete.

Does Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out Hurt?

Your comfort is paramount. We will always ensure the appropriate sedation and anesthesia options to mediate anxiety and help you avoid physical pain.

Immediately After your Procedure

Once your procedure is over, you will spend a few minutes recovering before you are discharged to head home. We will provide extensive aftercare instructions before you go, minimizing your risk of complications during recovery.

Have a Ride Home

Due to the effects of anesthesia, you will not be permitted to drive for a day or two after surgery. We ask that you have a friend or family member with you on the day of your surgery, and that this person provides you with a safe ride home.

How Long Are You Groggy After the Procedure?

Depending on the level of anesthesia used, it is normal for patients to feel a little bit groggy for the first day or two after their wisdom teeth removal. Take this time to rest and heal and avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Recovery and Aftercare

First 24 Hours

You will want to spend your first day resting. Stick to soft foods and liquids, avoiding anything hot, spicy, or overly acidic. Also, make sure you avoid drinking from a straw. Some bleeding is normal for the first few hours, and you will simply need to change your gauze bandages regularly.

First Week

Over the course of your first week, you will gradually feel like transitioning to a regular diet. You can also expect some tenderness and swelling, symptoms that typically reach their peak on the second and third days. Over-the-counter medications are usually more than sufficient for managing discomfort.

First Month

Most patients feel fully back to normal within a week or so, though we advise against any vigorous exercise for the first month or so. You can also anticipate a follow-up appointment with your doctor, who will remove any sutures or bandages as needed.

How Long Should I Expect to Be Out of Work or School?

Most patients who have their wisdom teeth removed feel ready to return to school or work within two or three days.

How Long Should I Wait Before Eating?

We recommend trying to eat something as soon as you feel able, so long as you stick to soft foods and liquids. You can gradually transition back to your normal diet within the first week or so of recovery.

What Foods Can I Eat After Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

We recommend soft foods and liquids, including mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, applesauce, bone broth, cottage cheese, yogurt, milkshakes, and rice.


Having all your wisdom teeth removed at once is usually the preferable option, but it depends on the patient. Your doctor will provide an individualized recommendation during your initial consultation.

There can be minor complications, such as dry sockets. Still, you can minimize your risk by choosing a board-certified doctor and carefully following the aftercare instructions you are provided.

We care deeply about seeing our patients have beautiful, healthy, and confident smiles. We will not do anything to misalign your teeth or cause other long-term problems, and when necessary, we will work with your orthodontist to promote the best cosmetic outcome.

You’re in Good Hands with our Doctors

Wisdom teeth removal is an investment in your long-term oral health and quality of life. Learn more about the available treatment options in Winchester, VA, by contacting Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists. Schedule a consultation at (540) 535-0401.