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Our periodontists rely on clinical skills and industry-leading technologies to promote ideal patient outcomes. Our high-tech facility ensures maximum precision with each procedure while minimizing treatment times. We welcome any further discussions about the diverse range of technological solutions at our disposal here at Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists in Winchester, VA.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

LANAP technology has become standard-of-care for patients with extensive gum disease. We use this technology as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with surgery, eradicating gum disease with minimal invasion. Laser therapy ultimately provides a superior patient experience, minimizing discomfort while optimizing clinical results.


Our doctors use a best-in-class technology known as X-Nav for dental implant placement. The X-Nav program provides live navigation for each implant, minimizing the guesswork required to get each implant into the proper place. Using this technology enables us to emphasize accuracy and precision. It not only reduces procedure times, but also maximizes our dental implant success rate.

State-of-the-Art Dental Implants

Our practice is devoted to utilizing only the most advanced implants, specifically designed to offer enduring comfort and durability. We particularly use NobelActive® N1 implants, one of the most biologically compatible dental implants on the market today.


Biologics are pharmaceutical products derived from all-natural sources, like blood and blood components, proteins, and somatic cells. Biologics can be administered before, during, or after a surgical procedure to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities, leading to a smoother and faster recovery. We provide biologics to help our patients get back on their feet as quickly as possible, and enjoy the most optimal results from each procedure.

Intraoral Scanner

Using our advanced scanning equipment, we can better assess and model each patient’s teeth, jaw, and gums. Our intraoral scanner not only reduces lab times, but typically results in fewer appointments and follow-ups required for each patient. We are proud to host state-of-the-art imaging equipment needed to streamline the treatment process.


Your comfort and peace of mind are among our top concerns, which is why our periodontists and always provide multiple sedation options for each procedure. We offer minimal, moderate, and deep sedation, depending on the nature of the surgery and the patient’s preference. Our providers boast the highest standards of training when it comes to IV sedation safety.

You’re in Good Hands with Advanced Implant & Periodontal Specialists

Technology plays an important role in our practice, enabling us to provide optimal and natural-looking results, shorter procedure times, and comfortable recoveries. To find out more, schedule a consultation at our Winchester, VA practice today. Contact (540) 535-0401 to schedule an appointment with Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists.