April 5, 2024

When it comes to maintaining optimal oral hygiene, there is more to think about than just your teeth. Routine gum care is also necessary, allowing you to prevent the development of soft tissue diseases and other conditions. One way to maintain the health of your gums is to seek care from a periodontist as needed.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why seeing a periodontist might be crucial to your health.

Why Seek Care from a Periodontist?

The benefits of routine periodontal care include disease prevention, treatment, and restoration.

Gum Disease Prevention

Even with vigorous and consistent brushing and flossing, you need regular dental cleanings and periodontal exams to prevent gum disease. Periodontists specialize in the supporting structures around your teeth (gums and bone), which means they can provide these exams and cleanings with the goal of preserving your oral health.

Gum Disease Treatment

If you do have a condition like gingivitis or periodontitis, a periodontist can provide a diagnosis along with a tailored treatment plan. This plan may include either non-surgical treatments as a conservative approach in less severe cases or, in some situations, surgical intervention to reverse the damage.

Examples of common periodontal treatments include gum grafting, scaling and root planing, LANAP therapy, and traditional osseous surgery.

Smile Restoration

Periodontists also have the expertise needed to place dental implants, restoring form and function to your smile and ensuring long-lasting, natural-looking results. Not only can periodontists place implants, but they can also verify that all soft tissue diseases are under control before the implants are positioned. The care of a periodontist significantly increases the risk of lasting implant success.

Schedule a Periodontist Visit Today

Whether your goal is to curb the spread of periodontal disease or to treat an existing illness, a periodontist can provide the clinical care you need. To consult with a periodontist in the Winchester, VA or Martinsburg, WV area, contact Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists to meet our periodontal team.