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Crown lengthening is a procedure that reshapes the gum and bone tissue around a tooth or a series of teeth. It may be done for functional reasons, to prepare a tooth for a crown or other dental prosthesis, or it may be done for purely esthetic reasons, addressing a “gummy smile.”

At Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists in Winchester, VA, our board-certified periodontists have the skill, training, and technology needed to promote the best results for each crown lengthening procedure, always putting your comfort and safety first.

Reasons You May Need a Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening creates an entirely new relationship between the gums and the teeth. The most common reason patients need this done is because they are preparing for tooth restoration, including crown placement. If the edge of the tooth in question is deep below the gum line, too close to the bone, or simply inaccessible to your dentist, crown lengthening can help.

Other patients simply wish to correct their “gummy smile,” wherein the teeth are covered with gum tissue to create an appearance that is not very esthetically pleasing. Crown lengthening can help restore esthetic balance to the teeth and gums, changing the gummy smile into a smile you can feel proud of.

A Walkthrough of Our Process

Your treatment journey will begin with a consultation. You will have a chance to sit down with one of our doctors to discuss your treatment goals, ask any questions, and learn more about what the procedure entails. Additionally, your doctor will perform a medical evaluation, verifying that you are a good candidate for safe and effective crown lengthening.

We will provide a full spectrum of sedation options for the procedure, ranging from nitrous oxide gas to deep IV sedation. Your comfort and safety are paramount, and we are happy to offer anesthesia options to provide you with total peace of mind.

Crown lengthening usually takes about an hour and involves several small incisions to separate the gums from the teeth. Your doctor will carefully reposition the gums, exposing more of the underlying tooth to fulfill the desired functional or aesthetic purpose. After surgery, you will be discharged to head home for rest and recovery. You will have a follow-up appointment in a week or two, during which your sutures will be removed.

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The Results

When you have crown lengthening performed, you will immediately see results, including teeth that appear longer, thanks to the repositioning of the gums. Schedule a consultation with Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialists today to take the first step toward a more confident smile. We serve both Winchester, VA and Martinsburg, WV with our services. Contact us at (540) 535-0401.