Advanced Periodontics, Dental Implants & Laser Therapy

We congratulate you on taking the first step toward better periodontal health. Please utilize this website as a resource. It will help you better understand your course of treatment and answer many questions related to periodontal therapy.

Our office is dedicated to improving the lives of others by restoring optimal dental health for all of our patients. We offer the most advanced treatments available in state-of-the-art facilities, with comfort, compassion, and convenience. We strive to make your visits with us as pleasant as possible. We have many years of experience in implants, treatment of advanced periodontal disease, periodontal plastic surgery procedures, and oral medicine.

Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery at the Winchester Medical Center

Dr. Hanson is on the Winchester Medical Center staff. As a staff member of the hospital, he has the ability to offer ambulatory outpatient surgery, which is surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay. If your anxiety level is such that you want to be put completely asleep, this is a good option.