DIEM (Teeth-in-a-Day)

DIEM is a new revolutionary implant technology for restoring dental function and confidence. If you are frustrated with painful and embarrassing dentures, DIEM could be your solution. By age 65, 30% of the U.S. population is missing all of their teeth. This technology was developed for patients seeking full arch rehabilitation to quickly regain confidence and quality of life. Whether a person has already lost all their teeth or might lose them in the near future, dental implants may offer an immediate, long-term solution.

Studies have shown, replacing teeth immediately may help preserve oral bone, resulting in dental implant restorations that look and function like natural teeth. With immediate replacement, you will never have to suffer from the embarrassment of having missing teeth.

We can replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth with fixed dentures. You will be able to return home the day of surgery with a prosthesis that looks aesthetically pleasing and functions normally. The fixed dentures are designed with the help of your general dentist.

    Teeth-in-a-Day showing screws
 metal tray Teeth-in-a-Day
 Teeth-in-a-Day view from bottom teeth
 Teeth-in-a-Day with bottom teeth implant

In order to use this technique, the patient needs sufficient quality and quantity of oral bone. A CT scan is taken in the office and is used to make the determination. The treatment is then planned with your dentist, a lab technician, and Dr. Coleman, Dr. Bick, Dr. Hanson or Dr. Smith IV . Once the planning is finished, the surgery is scheduled. After the surgery, you will leave with your fixed restoration. You may usually go to work the next day.

 Teeth-in-a-Day zray image
 Teeth-in-a-Day xray image

Teeth-In-A-Day? It’s Really Possible!

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