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Aimee C.
March 2020
“They are very professional and very nice!

Helen H.
December 2019
“Amazing doctor and staff.

Doug S.
August 2019
“Saw Dr. Hanson today. He and Dave and Jada worked to make my life so much better than when I went into the office today. Thanks to all the staff who are so caring. I am a “Happy Camper” this evening.

July 2019
“Had an emergency need and received the best care a person could ever hope for! Attending Doctors went out of their way to treat me, and give me a detailed path towards re-establishing my dental health. Don’t procrastinate, let this staff take care of you with the skills and passion that sets them apart from other practices.

Doug S.
March 2019
“Thanks to Drs Hanson and Hahn, and their great staff – especially Ashley and Leslie – for the genuine care I received. The oral surgery went better than I expected, with almost no soreness afterward! Their pre-op and post-op care and information were instrumental in my decision to have Dr. Hanson perform my surgery. (++He’s a retired military veteran)

Ajl D.
February 2019
“A little over a year ago I had 2 implants done at the office of Dr. Hanson. They made certain that I was not in pain and I have had my crowns made and placed by Dr. Cindy Knotts. It has been such a blessing to me and I am so happy with their excellent work. I highly recommend them and would do it over again. It was well worth the investment. They are just like my real teeth and look great. God Bless them and the great work that they do to improve the quality of life to all of their patients.

Talon H.
February 2019
“I’ve sent many patients to Dr. Hanson and their experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Periodontal treatment requires intelligence and precision, both of which Dr. Hanson has demonstrated time and time again. Keep up the good work!

Paul R.
January 2019
“Dr. Hanson is highly skilled in a complex field of dentistry……my experience with both he and his staff was “best ever

Diane H.
December 2018
“First of all, the staff at Advanced Implant and Periodontal Specialist is very welcoming and friendly. It is obvious that the staff really enjoys their jobs and cares about their patients.

I am working with Dr. Benjamin Hanson for my periodontal procedures and he is excellent. He, like the rest of his staff, is welcoming and friendly, very knowledgeable and skilled. But most importantly for me, was how calm I felt in his care.

I also recommend Dr. Hahn. Although I am not her patient, yesterday when I was in for a check up with Dr. Hanson, she was there on her day off but took her personal time to speak with me about ways to help the healing process of my gums recovery more quickly with using saltwater for rinsing. That’s the kind of friendliness and service this office provides.

I highly recommended them for your periodontal and implant dental care. And this is from a patient who really does not like or enjoy going to the dentist! I think AIPS has helped me with an adjustment to my outdated attitude.

A big thank you to Dr. Hanson & Hahn and the entire staff!

P.S. Their offices are impeccably clean and cheery.

Lisa V.
November 2018
“Dr. Hanson is wonderful. I have had two oral surgeries with zero complications. His staff is kind, friendly & courteous. I would highly recommend this office.

Barbara S.
October 2018
“If you want the best, you go to the best – Dr. Hanson and his staff are the best by far!

Shawn S.
August 2018
The best experience I’ve ever had going to a Dentist. Took his time and explained everything he was doing. Thank you, Dr. Hanson.

Kristjan R.
July 2018
“Hanson Periodontist office was great.  My son required mouth surgery and we could not be happier with the result. We are in the Army and extremely happy to have worked with a Retired Army Officer.  We always feel that the Army will look out for their own, and again, couldn’t be happier with how things turned out  Dr. Hanson’s bedside manner is great and he is a true professional.  The entire office is a top notch organization. Well done!

Jane W.
May 2018
“Dr. Hanson is a most generous man and an excellent Periodontist. Although I do not know him personally, those I do know who know him speak very highly of him. What I can tell you is that he has a most generous heart and believes in “paying it forward”. 

John G.
January 2018
“I went to Dr. Hanson expecting to need a front tooth replacement due to a very old root canal that was causing problems. Another dentist told me (after a very cursory look) that the tooth was cracked and he wanted to give me an implant for a lot of uninsured $$$. Dr. Hanson did a thorough exam, and said he could surgically correct and seal the root – and he did. The surgery was not bad, never hurt much at all, and all is now fine. The went so far as to not charge me for an expensive x-ray that my insurance didn’t cover. Add in an extremely warm and polite staff, and I cannot recommend his office too highly.

Michael G.
January 2018
“In the past two years, I have been Dr. Hanson’s patient and therefore feel that I can honestly describe his office practices. Dr. Hanson’s proficient knowledge and experience, in his field, has given me the unquestionable trust to have him perform serious dental operations.
Punctuality and timely schedules were and are always convenient and respectful to my needs. His diligent and persistent approach in his specialty gives me confidence and I see and feel good results. The office technicians and particularly the front desk secretary are always friendly, considerate, and efficient. I have and definitely do recommend Dr. Hanson to my friends.

Osborne A.
January 2018
“I have been a patient of Dr. Hanson’s since my arrival in Winchester six years ago. Due to circumstances, I see Dr. Hanson three to four times a year. I am nothing short of extremely pleased with his service, professionalism, and caring. Dr. Hanson is always congenial and his staff equally so. I highly recommend his service if you are in need of periodontal/dental consult or actual work.

Janet M.
January 2018
“I have been a patient of Dr. Hanson for many years and have always had great service. He is most pleasant, as is his Staff and I would recommend him for your periodontal needs.

Justine J.
January 2018
“Absolutely exceptional service!! Would highly recommend!

Susie S.
November 2017
“Very nice experience with this Dr. Would highly recommend.

October 2017
“He is a great Doctor and the best thing if they have a bilingual staff, that makes my appointments easy.

Mina S.
September 2017
“Dr. Hanson is amazing on all levels – as a Dentist, Surgeon, Mentor and person, he can’t be beat! I miss working with you.

Loman M.
August 2017
Dr. Hanson is the best. His office and staff are state the art. I am extremely pleased with the treatment I received and recommend him to my friends family. He is kind, gentle and professional.

Patty C.
August 2017
“I have been seeing Dr. Hanson for about 15 years now. He is always surrounded by a kind and caring staff who offer exceptional care. What I love the most about him is his honesty and integrity. I know that I can count on him.”

Stephanie J.
August 2017
Dr. Hanson is great! He is very nice and the office staff is great!

Danielle L.
June 2017
“Dr. Hanson (and Abby) are the absolute best. The office has been super sweet to me, even when I call daily with questions. Dr. Hanson and staff are wonderful and I am so happy I was referred to his office.

Blanca C.
May 2017
“Gracias a Dios todo muy bien en mi cirugía. El Dr. Hanson y todo su personal muy amables. Excelente servicio, se los recomiendo.

Karen H.
February 2017
“Dr. Hanson is terrific. Quickly assessed my tooth pain from a previous procedure by another dentist. He is extremely knowledgeable and his staff is very friendly and helpful! Thank you Dr. Hanson and staff!

Ellis A.
February 2017
“If you need your teeth and gums worked on then Dr. Hanson is the best. His staff is the most caring and personable people I have ever delt with. Thank you!”

Katt E.
February 2017
“There’s no amount of stars that could rate the level of work Dr. Hanson and his team are capable of. In two procedures I had 12 grafts completed, pain free, without healing complications. His work is meticulous and is leading edge in the field. His whole team couldn’t be better, from front office to Ben himself.

Theresa B.
January 2017
“I have always had wonderful service at Dr. Hanson’s office. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Hanson makes my visits enjoyable.

December 2016
“Dr. Hanson is wonderful he actually cares about you and is honest about what everything costs up front. He is the nicest dentist I have ever known for sure.

He has a wonderful staff also and does a great job on my teeth. I could not ask for any better

Thank you all.

Barbara S.
December 2016
“Dr. Hanson and his staff are always incredibly welcoming, professional in every interaction, and the expertise and kindness of Dr Hanson goes beyond words. The best!

Allen B.
December 2016
“In all my visits to Dr. Hanson’s office, the care and service has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Hanson’s dental practice.

Carmen B.
November 2016
“I can attest to Dr. Hanson’s expertise and his most knowledgeable and professional staff! Almost two years ago to the day I was recommended to Dr.Hanson for major “perio” surgery. Everything was performed per the Rx plan, and healed without a hitch. I’m a happy patient with the results. I’m also a dedicated patient who travels to see Dr. Hanson all the way from Centreville a few times a year! Kudo’s to everyone there.

Barbara D.
September 2016
“Dr. Hanson performed two procedures on me. Very compassionate and very professional. He called me both evenings after the procedure. He knew it was my birthday and wished me a happy birthday. That to me was up and beyond. I would highly recommend him. Staff is super.

Lynn M.
September 2016
“Professional care and friendly staff! They took great care of me throughout my implant experience. And I love that they send appointment reminders through text, email, phone….. more businesses should do this!

Brenda B.
August 2016
“Dr. Hanson did my implant with no pain or discomfort. He even called me that evening to see how I was. Dr. Hanson and his staff are great.

Judith P.
August 2016
“Dr. Hanson is experienced, capable and determined to provide excellent periodontal care. His staff is personable and helpful. Both my husband and I highly recommend his practice.

Diane G.
August 2016
Being a new patient, I was apprehensive about going to a new dentist. From the moment I walked into the office, my experience was refreshing and pleasant. Ashley was very helpful and helped me with my insurance. Dr. Hanson has quite the sense of humor. Most importantly was the benefit of having Abby to soothe me during my procedure. Overall, my experience has been wonderful thanks to the entire team of folks.

Janet M.
August 2016
“I would highly recommend Dr Hanson, his staff is excellent.

Jessica M.
February 2016
“I called Dr. Hanson’s office and on short notice they squeezed me in. I am completely terrified of the dentist and also battle severe anxiety. So needless to say I was a complete mess entering his office. His staff was absolutely incredible! Helpful, polite, caring. He was absolutely amazing as well! I had a panic attack and Dr.Hanson and his wife helped me calm down. Best dental experience ever! Will recommend him to EVERYONE! Finally a dr who actually CARES!!!

Amy W.
May 2016
There’s no amount of stars that could rate the level of work Dr. Hanson and his team are capable of. In two procedures I had 12 grafts completed, pain free, without healing complications. His work is meticulous and is leading edge in the field. His whole team couldn’t be better, from front office to Ben himself.